The goal of this seminar is to find a common basis for understanding current and future trends, new technologies and perspectives in software systems, computing, and business information systems. 

The selected topics cover theoretical and/or practical aspects of the mentioned research areas and are of relevance both for industry and academia. The seminar participants should improve their awareness for these highly important fields of research and applications. First of all, the seminar will strengthen the systems-oriented thinking of the participants. The seminar will also enable the participants to successfully follow and contribute to discussions in English with their peer-students. 

The seminar can also be seen as a preparation for writing peer-reviewed scientific and technical papers in the future and giving oral presentations in English and in front of critical audiences. Each student has to prepare a PowerPoint (or similar styled) presentation and a written research paper of his or her chosen topic. All papers will undergo a rigid peer-review process and will be reviewed by two peer students and the seminar chair. The resulting papers will be published in a technical report of the CS faculty of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. The presentations will be made available for internal use as PDF documents on the seminar website.