AWP 581: Human Rights (HR): Who Cares?!

The lecture will try to structure the current ‚world of human rights': What are HR? Where do they come from? Which intercultural debates do they provoke? How are they translated into action (e.g.: business & HR)? Who are the actors (national/ regional/ international)? Are NGOs really the driving force for HR? SDGs and climate change – how are they linked to HR? What about HR in war(fare) and the global fight against impunity?

The lecture will give insight in current inter-/national HR politics and case-law. You will gain ethical, legal and political knowledge to perceive the growing impact of HR on all areas of life. It will help you to evaluate media coverage of HR, to participate in discussions on a sound basis, and it might broaden your intercultural perspective.

Sessions: Every Wednesday 15:40-17:10 (start: Oct. 10, 2018) + STUDY TRIP: Saturday!, Oct. 27, 2018

Course language: English

Course requirements: Active participation & written exams (mid term, 30 min. & final, 30 min.) BYOD (screen size suitable for online research!) when requested.

Course registration: