Fakultät für Allgemeinwissenschaften - Interkulturelle Kompetenzen

There are so many theories and concepts dealing with intercultural competences and standards. They can certainly help in some situations but they often fail to work in real life.

You probably know that people from different countries need different personal spaces. But you still feel uncomfortable if somebody stands too close or too distant from you while you are talking to him/her. – Of course you are aware that the importance of punctuality differs in different societies, but you are annoyed anyway when you have to wait for your cooperating team partner for the fifth time a week.

In interactive exercises you can find out how to cope with unexpected situations and how to communicate with people who have different opinions from your own. There is not a standardized right way. Everyone has to develop his own strategies how to deal with intercultural uncertainties and misunderstandings. The first important step is to reflect upon your own cultural attitudes and values.

This course is also the basic module of the Certificate of Intercultural Competence .

Topics we will tackle:

    • Notion of culture
    • Characteristics of culture
    • Cultural dimensions, cultural identity, values, attitudes
    • Cultural awareness, Intercultural awareness
    • Different models of intercultural competence
    • Prejudices and stereotypes
    • Language and culture
    • Cultural differences in communication
    • Intercultural skills and strategies

A very warm welcome to all our exchange students. We are very happy to have you here!

We would like to offer you an interactive training course in a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which you will gain some interesting insights in the German (academic) culture. You can meet other international students and the SWOP-team and learn from each other. The course will embrace elements of an intercultural training to help you to prepare for intercultural encounters. We will talk about your first impressions of Germany and the Germans and prepare you for the challenges you might face on campus. You will also have the opportunity to reflect upon and share your experiences during your stay in Germany.

Topics we will tackle:

    • Notion of culture, exploration of German culture
    • My feeling as a newcomer to Germany, culture shock
    • My culture – German culture
    • From stereotypes to generalizations
    • German cultural standards
    • German academic culture
    • Living in Germany