Theoretische Informatik

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Thomas Rist

Vorlesung mit Übungen und (freiwilligem) Tutorial

We will cover different aspects and tools of a researcher’s everyday work, in particular:
  1. Planning your project: defining your research questions
  2. Sources: bibliographic search, source reliability
  3. Data collection and its documentation
  4. Experimental methods: experimental design, evaluation of statistical models and results
  5. Reporting and presenting your work: scientific writing, storytelling
  6. Reporting and presenting your work: visualization, talks and posters
  7. (Peer) reviewing: critical approach to others' work and to your own
  8. Ethics of scientific research, open access, collaboration, reproducibility
  9. Networking: promoting your work and yourself
  10. Struggles: the dark side of scientific research