The course deals with the different aspects of database systems.

In detail:

  • Data Modeling (Conceptual, Logical and Physical)
  • Derivation of data models.
  • Relational Database Systems
  • SQL
  • Normal form analysis.

Deutsch als Fremdsprache Niveau B2.2 - IIS 2 und Exchange students

Willkommen im Kurs Deutsch 4!

Der Kurs findet montags (Raum W3.16) und freitags (Raum W3.15) von 9:50 bis 11:20 Uhr statt.

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Intercultural Management is one half of the module "Interkulturelles Management und Recht". Classes take place Thursdays at 9:50 in room W 3.16.

Course features:

  • Introduction to legal systems
  • Basic principles of the law
  • Overview of areas of law relevant for information systems
  • Reading, understanding and extracting information from legal texts